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8. About the Artist, Victoria Gibson

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Photo Credit: Micheal Wheatley

Video edit suite in Banff 2009

The Immersive Environment Instrument (IEI)  is the most exciting project that I am involved in developing because I can continue to improve and expand it for the rest of my life.  I intend to tour it first as a solo project with the show, Girl Can Dream, but then I have many ideas for further features and collaborations.

The IEI will use all of my skills in writing, graphic design, videography, photography, movement and storytelling; as well as my core training in music and technology. Much of the impact of the show will depend on the performance and the improvised nature of the audio and video transformations. The same show will never be repeated, although the same Immersive Events and Cinematic Virtual Reality programming will be used. I am a dynamic and seasoned performer and I know how to program and operate the tools to create this system.

I plan to play guitar, operate real-time computer effects and trigger samples while playing guitar or percussion. I am working to free my inner dancer so I can purposefully gesture to trigger the sensors. I have had training in many styles of dance from around the world as part of my ethnomusicological studies. Now it is time to put these skills to use to create a system that will reach into the hearts and minds of the audience with technology advanced enough to seem like magic.

The IEI is a new concept in performance technology, but it builds on contemporary performance practice and evolves it into a new form. I have been deeply inspired by my collaborations with Pauline Oliveros and the effect of  her surround sound system in performance. My friend Trimpin’s ability to realize his imaginative musical installations and win accolades from all over the world through his persistent belief that he could succeed has given me the strength to follow my own dreams. The recent experience playing with Anthony Braxton as part of Sonic Genome increased my confidence as a performer as I received many encouraging compliments from that immersive experience.

Please request any additional biographical information or ask questions about the IEI.

e-mail: info at vix dot ca

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