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Victoria Gibson

Integrated Media Artist using sound, video, still images and technology to convey emotional meaning and share life experience.

The Internet as an Art Project

My work flows from the nexus of art and technology, so the internet is a natural canvas for me to explore. My first internet art project was collecting messages for peace from Stein Valley Festival goers on my IBM laptop computer and posting them to the Hiroshima/Nagasaki Peace Project usenet group in 1989. At that time, I wanted to put the messages directly on to the internet, and I thought that cell phones might be able to act as a modem. However,  I was told that was impossible, so I had to go home and dial up to post the messages.

Now my cell phone can send messages on the internet at any time, so I have to find the limit of the possible. My latest project in 2009 is to stream video from my motorcycle to a satellite in real time as I ride down the highway. The experience of riding a reliable motorcycle is something I would like to share in real time. I keep dreaming and pushing the boundaries of  “that’s impossible!”.

Integrated Media posts

The main topic of this corner of the internet will be Sound (music, environmental sound, etc.) + Light (photographs, video and projections) + Motion (travel, making and doing, GUI, gesture control etc.). It will be an event journal of my experiences and projects and an outreach to my greater community.

Peace, the living environment and my experience of the social network are all topics of exploration. I am also a motorcycle rider and a supporter of Ubuntu Linux and Open Source technologies. All of these facets and more will be revealed as the days and months unfold.


VIX Productions and VIX Virtual Design Group

VIX Productions is the company I set up to manage my artistic practice and VIX Virtual Design Group manages my graphic design and other contract commercial work.

Part of this site is dedicated to my commercial portfolio because I am merging my artistic practice into my paid employment. This website in itself is a demonstration of my abilities to create using the internet as a canvas and the work that I post will expand upon that experience.  In the Portfolio Page, I have also included samples of print work and lists of other sites that I am involved in. My roles range from content writer to technical support and everything in between. Usually, my key role is as the project manager and producer, as I can draw on a deep list of accomplished technicians, artists, musicians, programmers and fire dancers for every occasion.

Tech Notes:

I will always try to explain some of the nuts and bolts that hold this internet thing together. Other topics will include audio and video frustrations and triumphs and interesting technology, including Open Source applications.

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