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Women and Identity Festival

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Deep Listening Institute and the 11th Annual Women & Identity Festival present:
Women & Identity – An Art on the Wall Virtual Gallery
May 7-June 30, 2011
Opening Reception:  May 7 from 7-9 pm
The Shirt Factory Gallery, 77 Cornell St, Suite 303
Virtual Gallery on view:

Artists include Sadee Brathwaite, Susan Bottrell, Victoria Gibson, Leslie Greene, Jan Harrison,
Julie Hedrick, Ione, Shirley Parker-Benjamin, Julia Santos-Solomon, Suiren and Julia White

Women & Identity Group Show is dedicated to the concept of women artists creating a vibrant and supportive community with each other.

Virtual Gallery are exhibitions of virtually projected paintings, sculpture, video installations and other visual works
curated by Deep Listening Institute’s Artistic Director, IONE.  Screenings and opening receptions take place at Deep Listening Space in the Shirt Factory at 77 Cornell Street, Suite 303 on the first Saturday of the month of the announced exhibition. The artist’s statement and work is featured on the DLI website during the ensuing month at

Victoria G, Fine Imagery

Artist Statement:

Hindu philosophy sees each of us as containing five layers; the least refined, outside layer is the sheath of food. The inner layers are more related to spiritual existence, breath and links to the divine. The sheath of food, my flesh, is the layer that defines my sex, in all other layers no fundamental difference between men and women is defined.

In the North American society that has shaped my development, my identity as a girl, then as a woman was often used as a constraint. Females did not ride motorcycles, play electric guitar or become expert in technology, yet, I did all of these activities. This led to a lot of gender confusion in my mind until, when I was in my 30’s I created my own concept of womanhood. Since that time, I have decided that because I am certifiably female that activities I do are appropriate for a woman. I ignore criticism and societal definitions as much as possible.

In the 1950’s and ’60’s girls were assigned roles based on their physical appearance. I was not in the “”pretty girl”” category, so I was encouraged to have a “”nice personality”” and be useful in the domestic realm. These attitudes persist, even though they are not current official policy. Now I am older, I am doubly excluded, as ageism compounds my lack of commercial appeal.

Images of women who are perceived as beautiful in the media are pervasive and most women are excluded from this category. I intend to portray my flesh in an artistic celebration of female definition and joy that is different from the images promoted by the beauty industry and commercial sources. My intention will be to offer an alternative portrayal that is more inclusive and allows women to feel themselves as beautiful.”

Addendum: While exploring an alternative concept of female beauty, I realized that senior women are a frequent subject in my photographic work and that I had photographed them to capture their beauty. I decided that this category of photo illuminates my concept of non-commercial alternative female images even better than images of myself. Thank you to Agatha Holmes, Fran Diamond, Margaret Mitchell and Pauline Oliveros for generously allowing me to use photos I took of them in this exhibition.

Artist Bio:

Victoria Gibson is an Integrated Media Artist who is involved in visual, dance and musical performances. Although her core training is in music, much of her professional work has included other media. She has worked with Pauline Oliveros, Anthony Braxton, Phil Minton and Karen Jamieson among others. Victoria lives in Vancouver and received her BA from the University of British Columbia, Canada. Her visual art works, including digital fine art, projections, photography and films are produced under the company name: Victoria G, Fine Imagery.

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